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Dog kennel services – We offer four different sized, decorated condos for boarding. Some are family enclosures; some are penthouses for toy dogs, and all are provided with comfortable sling beds and blankets. All condos are cleaned and sanitized daily including the bedding. Additionally, older dogs are provided a cushioned non-slip rubber mat for their comfort. We dispense any needed medications following owner’s directions. We have spacious outdoor exercise areas for all dogs, including any climber and/or digger. The dogs are exercised in these areas a minimum of 3 times a day. For your pet’s enjoyment and relaxation, we offer playtimes, one-on-one time with a staff member, for a small additional charge. There is a large grassy play area for these activities.

We can also accommodate so called difficult dogs. Click here to learn more.

Exotic Animals & Birds

Noah’s Ark will tend to your bird, guinea pig, ferret, hamster, or rabbit. Our motto is, “If they are welcome in your house, they are welcome in ours.”

All of our boarders are fed a super premium food, Diamond, unless food is provided by the owner. Every effort is made to feed your pet on the same schedule as they are fed at home. Water is available to your pet at all times. There is no additional charge for feeding owner-provided special diets.

Seasonal activities and snacks are available. Inquire about our current offerings.


Our Rates


    • VIP – $38.00
    • In home VIP – $45.00
      (Includes playtime, free range in house. Must get along with other dogs.)
    • Basic Boarding
      up to 50 pounds – $25.50
      over 50 pounds – $28.00
    • Difficult dogs – $30.00
      Below categorizes a difficult dog.
      Major destructive/fear aggressive anxiety
      Not potty trained
      Takes Meds more than once a day
      Aggressive dogs

$38.00 required to stay in VIP for safety of dog and handler.

Long Term Boarding

Recognized as long term boarding for 3.5 weeks. Will be required to pay for four weeks. prorating not excepted.

  • Up to 50 pounds-$135.00 a week
  • Over 50 pounds- $150.00 a week


  • House food $5.00 a day
  • Doggie Enrichment treats, $3.50 a day.
  • Play time/swim time: We believe it’s important to constantly keep your dog stimulated by either socializing with other dogs or use their nose to pick up new exciting smells as well as run and play. Play time is optional, but we have seen positive results. Dogs eat and sleep better. They are more relaxed and helps to calm some higher anxiety dogs down.
    • Playtime:
      single dog – $7.00 a day.
      Two dogs – $11.00 a day
      Three dogs $15.00 a day
    • Dog run or walk, 2-6 miles – $30.00 a day
    • Swim lesson – $20.00 for 15 minutes

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